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Guide to Desktop Notifications for Incoming Calls

If you are an agent, you can configure your account to display a pop-up notification message on your desktop whenever you receive an incoming call. This feature is supported on the following platforms:
  • Windows: Chrome, Internet Explorer with Google Chrome Frame, Firefox (Firefox requires HTML 5 desktop plug-in)
  • Mac (OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 or newer): Chrome, Safari 6, Firefox (Firefox requires Growl plugin)

Chrome, Internet Explorer with Google Chrome Frame:
  1. Log into your VRI Direct account as an agent;
  2. Click the Configuration icon at the top of the screen;
  3. You should see a highlighted link containing "This browser supports desktop notifications. Click to set up incoming call notifications on your desktop." Click the link;
  4. Near the top of the browser, you should see a prompt for allowing desktop notifications. Click Allow
  5. On the Configuration screen, you should now see "Your account is set up to receive incoming call notifications." You can now go back to using VRI Direct as you normally do.
If you accidentally click "Deny", or if you intentionally clicked "Deny" but now wish to allow these notifications, you will see "Your browser currently denies access to incoming call notifications". You can reset your browser by doing the following:
  1. Open a new tab in Google Chrome, Google Chrome Portable, or Internet Explorer with Google Chrome Frame by pressing CTRL-N (Mac users should press Command-N) ;
  2. Paste the following link into your new tab's address bar:
    This displays the Notification Exceptions window;
  3. Hover over the list item containing "vridirect.com" and click the X that pops up -- this clears the domain name from the list;
  4. Close the Notification Exceptions window
  5. Close the browser tab
  6. Now follow the steps at the beginning of this article to properly configure notifications for your account.
  1. Windows Users: Install the HTML Desktop Notifications add-on
    Mac Users: Install the Growl Notification System from the App Store (USD $3.99 to purchase)
Safari 6 (Mac OS X 10.8 or newer):
No special instructions are necessary to configure desktop notifications. You should see notifications appear in the Mac Notifications area at the upper right corner of your desktop.

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