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How to Use the Call Chat Panel

When you're in a VRI call, you can send and receive text messages to/from other call participants.

NOTE: The below instructions assume a mouse is used for interaction, but taps, drags, and drops are also supported on touchscreen devices.
  1. While in a VRI call, open and close the chat pane by clicking the Chat Pane toggle button on the call control bar.
    TIP: Your chat pane will automatically open if it's closed and another call participant starts typing a message to you.
  2. Enter your chat message in the text entry field at the bottom of the chat pane. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to send the message, or press the Send button at the right side of the text entry field.
    TIP: Other participants will see their chat panes open automatically when you start typing a message.
  3. You can increase or decrease the chat message font sizes by clicking the Increase Font or Decrease Font buttons at the top of the chat pane. More clicks = larger or smaller sizes.
  4. To copy the complete contents of the chat pane, click the Copy Chat Text button at the top right corner of the chat pane. This opens the Copy Chat window. Simply hover over the chat transcript and click to copy the entire transcript to your clipboard. You can now paste the transcript into other applications. Close the Copy Chat window when you are done.
  5. To hide the chat pane, hover over the video pane and click the Chat Pane toggle on the call control bar.
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