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Microphone and Speaker Tests

Here are some methods of testing your microphone and speaker setup.

1. Verify your speakers are hooked up correctly.
  1. Visit Richard Farrar's Speaker Test page at http://www.richardfarrar.com/are-your-speakers-wired-correctly/
  2. Scroll down to Balance Test and find the "Centre Balance Test".Click the Play button. You should hear a woman's voice.  
  3. If you do not hear anything, refer to our Troubleshooting Audio article to help troubleshoot your speakers.
2. Verify your speakers and microphone work for browser-based VRI calls.
  1. Close all browser windows and VRI Direct windows.
  2. If you're testing a headset, plug it in now, or make sure it's plugged in.
  3. Open a browser and visit https://test.webrtc.org/
  4. Start the test by clicking the button found at the top of the page. 
  5. If any of the tests fail, see our Troubleshooting Audio article.
  6. You may need to reboot your computer if you just plugged in your mic.
  7. You may need to set your operating system's microphone level to 50% to help prevent feedback or echo. Windows users: Go to Start > Control Panel > Sounds, then select the Recording tab, double-click your mic to access its properties, and then adjust the level from the "Levels" property tab. Mac users: Access similar controls from System Preferences > Sound
If the above tests work great but your VRI calls still don't use the microphone you expect, you can switch to your preferred mic during your VRI call:
  1. While in a VRI call, click the "Options" button on the Call Control Bar.
  2. Select "Settings".
  3. Select your preferred mic from the Microphone drop-down.

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