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Steps to Onboarding New Customers

Onboarding New Video Interpreting Customer



1.Video Interpreting Agency has client complete a New Customer Account Information Request Form, and accompanying spreadsheet: http://goo.gl/Sy7wBF


2.Video Interpreting Agency returns forms to VRI Direct


3.Video Interpreting Agency creates a Price Plan for the customer: http://goo.gl/AwP4YL


4.*VRI Direct creates the customer account and provides Video Interpreting Agency with manager login information


5.*VRI Direct links customer account to all pertinent agencies (support vendors)


6.Video Interpreting Agency creates user profiles for lists with 10 or fewer users


7.*VRI Direct imports lists containing 11 or more users

8.*VRI Direct provides Video Interpreting Agency with customer account login information


9.Video Interpreting Agency confirms that the account information is correct. If corrections are required, the agency shall notify VRI Direct via email (support@vridirect.com)


10.Video Interpreting Agency schedules a training with customer to orient their team to the video platform


11.Video Interpreting Agency executes their client rollout plan.

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