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VRI Demo Preparation Checklist

Preparing for a VRI demo is easy and usually only takes a few minutes. Here are the steps to prepare for a VRI demo:

1. Review Hardware/Software Specifications
Using the hardware/software information in our Minimum Requirements article, identify a suitable computer with webcam, speakers, microphone. Install the webcam using the drivers that came with the webcam.

If you're on Windows, install our desktop application with the default settings:

Or, anyone on Mac or Windows can use one of our supported browsers from our Upgrade page:

Test the speakers and microphone using the steps outlined in our Microphone and Speaker Tests article.

2. Review Port Requirements
Using the network information in our Minimum Requirements article, verify that each of our required ports is open.

3. Review Internet Requirements
Visit http://speedof.me (no plugins required) Upload and download speeds on each test result should be 1 Mbps or faster.

4. Search Our Knowledge Base for Solutions to Issues
If you run into issues while preparing your computer and network, please use the Search tool at the top of this support site to help you find answers. We have several articles covering webcam issues, video troubleshooting steps, and many other topics.

6. Contact Us
Please feel free to e-mail support@vridirect.com or ask us a question if you continue to have trouble setting up your computer for a VRI demo.

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