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VRI Direct Desktop Application MSI Installer

For IT departments that want to centrally manage software installations on Windows domains, the VRI Direct Desktop Application .MSI installer is the answer. This installer can be run interactively using a GUI or command line, or it can be run silently from the command line, making large-scale domain deployment easy.

Download the .MSI installer from the Attachments section, below. For GUI-based installation, use the instructions found on our .EXE article.

Either double-click the .msi to run the installer using the standard GUI, or run the .MSI from the command line.

To run silently:
msiexec /quiet /i {MSIFileName} LICENSES=[values] [OPTIONS]

Supported Parameters:
For companies with custom VRI Direct login pages, this parameter adds a desktop shortcut for each license based on the URL you use to access VRI Direct. It is not typical to have more than one value for this parameter. For example, if your company's VRI Direct login page is at https://mycompany.vridirect.com, your LICENSES parameter would look like: LICENSES=mycompany

Adds the default VRI Direct desktop shortcut (optional; default = 0)

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