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Which webcams do you officially support?
First and foremost are our three tenets of video quality:
  1. Please do not use integrated webcams. Purchase one of the external webcams listed below.
  2. Always install your webcam manufacturer's drivers. Do not rely on the generic drivers that came with your computer.
  3. Always disable automatic light balance settings and auto-focus settings, such as Logitech RightLight and Microsoft True Color.
We've tested many webcams over the years. Due to the need for high-quality video, we only recommend a select few that we know work well for high-definition video under different lighting conditions. There may be other webcams that work just as well; however, if your webcam is not on our list, use it at your own risk.

Laptop and desktop PCs:
  • Logitech: HD Webcam C930e, C920, C920-C, C910, C615, C525
  • Microsoft: LifeCam Cinema, LifeCam HD-6000, LifeCam HD-5000
    • Important! Disable auto-focus and True Color features by using the Microsoft Lifecam software.
    • For low-light locations, consider the LifeCam Cinema
Macintosh computers:
  • Logitech: HD Webcam C910
    Note: Logitech has poor Mac OS X support for webcams other than the C910. If you have a different webcam that you confirm works well, please send us your webcam model number, your Mac OS X version, and at least two VRI call IDs that we can use to verify your video call quality.
    Note: The manual controls for white balance, disabling RightLight, etc. are not available on Macs. Logitech uses Apple's built-in universal drivers to run their webcams, and those drivers don't allow manual tweaks. Mac users should plan on changing the room's ambient light, changing the background behind the user, etc. to try to dial in the proper on-screen light balance.
Can I use the integrated webcam that came with my PC/Mac laptop or desktop?
Please do not use your integrated webcam! Integrated webcams are convenient but that's where the benefits end. They drop their frame rates below 15 frames/second in low-light or even standard-light situations. They don't have the same horsepower that dedicated, external webcams have. Macbook Pro webcams in particular are notorious for poor quality in average lighting.

How do I prevent my webcam from being stolen?
A simple trick to deter theft is to find a flat metal washer with a 1/2"-diameter hole along with a standard computer security cable and then follow the procedure found in this article: http://dltj.org/article/flat-washer-protects-cables/
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