VRI Direct Mobile App for iOS

VRI Direct Mobile 1.7 for iOS is a simple, real-time audio/video communications app that allows individuals and organizations with VRI Direct accounts to request audio and video language interpreting services from their iPads and iPhones. VRI Direct Mobile for iOS works with our VRI Direct platform and costs nothing to download and install from Apple's App Store.

If you do not have a VRI Direct profile, please ask your VRI manager to set you up with a login.

  • VRI Direct Mobile 1.7 or higher (older versions do not work)
  • iOS 8.0.1 or later
  • iPhone 5 or newer, iPad 2nd generation or newer, iPad Mini
  • A VRI Direct user profile
  • An Internet connection, either through WiFi or 4G (3G supported but your call quality may or may not be acceptable at that speed)
  • Free to download and install. A valid VRI Direct user profile is required to use the app.
All Users:
  1. Full audio/video/chat calling features (chat will be re-enabled in Q2 2017)
  2. Adjust your camera, speakers, microphone
  3. View a summary of your most recent call taken on your iOS device
  1. Set your status from your iPad and have all other locations automatically synchronize—or set your status from the website and your iOS device will synchronize
  2. Receive incoming call notifications even if your iPad or iPhone's screen is turned off or your cover is closed—great for monitoring for inbound calls so that you can head back to your computer to take the call when you hear the notification ringer play.
  1. Full Interpreter search features
  2. Save your last five language/skill searches so you can tap any of them to auto-fill the Search form.
  3. Ring all available Interpreters or select a particular Interpreter to call
Step 1: Install VRI Direct Mobile on your iPad or iPhone
  1. Log in to your iPad or iPhone and go to the App Store
  2. Search for "vri direct"
  3. Find the app that displays our icon and tap "Get"
  4. Tap "Install". VRI Direct Mobile will be installed on your desktop as "VRI Direct"
Step 2: Log in to VRI Direct Mobile
  1. Tap the VRI Direct icon on your iPad or iPhone desktop
  2. Enter your username and password and tap "Login"
No additional configuration should be required.

We strongly recommend that agents use a standard computer or laptop with an external, high-quality webcam, and a high-quality headset.

  1. VRI Direct Mobile only provides call placement and call reception features. Account and user management features, reporting, company subscriptions, credits, and other non-call tasks must be done by logging into the VRI Direct website.
  2. If you have more than one VRI Direct login, you can only use one login at a time on a given iPad or iPhone. For example, if you have two logins and you need to be logged into both simultaneously, you'll need two different iPads/iPhones.
  3. With Apple mobile devices, the best VRI quality really does correlate with the best/newest Apple devices. Please try to use Apple iPad Air or Air 2.

Posted - Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 5:53 AM.
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