iPhone and iPad Installation and Use

To use an iPhone or iPad, users must first install the VRI Direct Mobile for iOS application from the Apple Store. Search for "VRI Direct" to find the app.

After the app is installed, find the app on the desktop and tap the app's icon. 
The login screen will be shown:

login screen  
Enter your user name and password and tap LOGIN.

Once you are logged in, you may be asked to allow VRI Direct to send notifications. Tap ALLOW.
You should now see the following:

Tap SEARCH in the top right corner.

The search page will allow you to select the language and skill of the interpreter you need. 
Also, if required, you can select the department and cost center, as well as enter custom information
such as the caller's name, or the medical ID number. 
agent search

After the necessary information has been entered, 
you will tap SEARCH in the top right corner.

You will then see a list of available interpreters.
agent call

Tap the green button with a phone handset to call the interpreter.

Once connected to an interpreter, you will prompted to allow access to your webcam and microphone.
Tap OK.

You will now be in session.
Once the call is complete, tap the red Hangup button. 
This will advance you to the call summary page.
From here, you can review the details of the call.
Tap DONE in the top right corner to return to the beginning.

If you seem to be experiencing any issues, please log out of the app, then kill the app, then restart the app and log back in.

To kill the app:
  1. Double-press your iOS device's Home button (located on the bezel)
  2. Scroll to the VRI Direct app, then swipe the app up and off the top of the screen
  3. Press your Home button again to go back to your desktop.
Posted - Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 11:26 AM.
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