Create a VRI Direct desktop shortcut for Google Chrome

After installing Google Chrome (, you can configure Chrome to start up on the VRI Direct login page, running in a sandboxed kiosk mode. In this mode, Chrome will not interfere with any of your standard or customized Chrome settings, and any cookies and local storage are boxed away in a location separate from the typical location. You configure this by setting up a VRI Direct desktop shortcut.

To make this VRI Direct desktop shortcut:
  1. Find a Google Chrome desktop shortcut, right-click on it and select "Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut)" -- this creates a new desktop icon that we will customize
  2. Right-click on your new shortcut and select "Properties"
  3. Select the General tab
  4. Next to the icon image is the name of the shortcut. Enter a new name of your choosing, such as "VRI Direct" (no quotation marks)
  5. Select the Shortcut tab
  6. In the "Target" field, you will append a set of configuration values. Place your cursor anywhere in the field, use your mouse to move the cursor all the way to the end of whatever's in that field, type a space, and then add the following (should be all on one line): 
    --app= --user-data-dir="%APPDATA%\VRI\vridirect\Profile" --disable-extensions --disable-dev-tools --kiosk
  7. Click OK to close the Properties window
  8. Double-click your new desktop icon and verify that it opens the VRI Direct website. Place a test call and watch for Chrome to prompt you to "Allow access to your webcam and microphone".

Posted - Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 2:04 AM.
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