Troubleshooting Guide to Connecting Calls

Is your network properly configured?
Run all of the Network and Twilio Client tests at If the UDP or TCP tests fail, then your network needs some configuration help. Please see the Required Domain and Port section of our Minimum Requirements article. If the Twilio Client tests fail, your mic may not be plugged in.

Can you reach the required domains?
Our services require that you are not blocked from certain sites. Please verify with your IT department that * and * are not blocked. Calls that connect without video and audio, or with one-way video-audio, may be a symptom of these domain names being blocked.

If you're using a browser, does your browser allow access to your webcam and mic?
You may have accidentally denied access to your camera and mic. If you're on Chrome or Firefox on a Mac or PC computer,try these instructions. If you're on an Android Tablet,read these instructions.

If you are using an iPad/iPhone, are you on the latest VRI Direct Mobile app version?
You can check the list of supported VRI Direct Mobile app version numbers from our VRI Direct Mobile support page. To see which version is installed, open VRI Direct Mobile on your iPad, log in to VRI Direct Mobile, then pull open the left slider nav by tapping the Overflow icon at the top left of the screen (looks like three lines). At the bottom of the slider nav, you should see "VRI Direct" with the app's version number. If you see no version number at all, your app is out of date and you'll need to update it from the App Store. If you see a version that matches what's listed on our VRI Direct Mobile support page, then please log out of the app, close the app, log back in, and try placing a call.

If you're using an iPad/iPhone, does VRI Direct Mobile have access to your camera?
If you're on an iOS device, tap Settings > Privacy > Camera,  find VRI Direct Mobile in the list, and then grant access.
Posted - Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 10:55 PM.
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