A company set up to take calls for video remote interpreting.

An Agent, or interpreter, takes calls from Callers. Agents belong to Agencies

"Billing Detail Records" report, a report containing calls and their charges for a given period of time.

call control bar
The black bar of icons that shows up when hovering over a VRI call’s video window. The call control bar contains buttons for controlling audio, video, and other call features.

A Customer user that can place calls to Agents.

A company that creates contracts with one or more Agencies in order to place calls to those Agencies.

main video window
The large video window displaying the other party’s video.

self-view window
The video window that contains your own video feed.

Status Indicator
The area of your dashboard that indicates your online presence. For Callers, your presence is either Online or Offline and cannot be changed. For Agents, your presence is Available, Busy or Away.