My status shows "Connecting...." or "Reconnecting..."

If you log in and your status gets stuck at "Connecting..." or "Reconnecting...", or you see your Status Indicator flip back and forth between your current status and "Reconnecting...", it could be due to one or more of the following:

WebSockets may not be supported on your network due to proxy server or firewall restrictions.
VRI Direct uses the WebSockets Secure (wss://) standard for monitoring connectivity and status.

To verify if your network supports websockets, please visit the following address from your VRI computer:

If the tests are successful from within the "WebSockets (Port 443, SSL)" section of the test, please review other troubleshooting options listed below.

If you get failures from within the "WebSockets (Port 443, SSL)" section of the test, it is likely that there is a proxy server on your network that needs to be configured to allow websockets connections. More information about proxy servers and websockets can be found here: -- read the section titled "Encrypted WebSocket Connections"

Your network connection is slow, spotty or has failed.
If your network connection fails or is spotty, the Status Indicator may switch to "Connecting..." until the network connection is restored. You can try using a different network; for instance, if you are on a wireless network, try switching to a wired network.

Your computer was in hibernation or sleep mode.
If your computer hibernates or goes to sleep, the network connection may also be paused. When you wake up the computer, you may see "Connecting...". Refresh your page and the Status Indicator should correctly identify your status.

Your browser cache may be stale.
Although we use cache-busting techniques to help ensure you're always using our latest website code, your browser may be using outdated, cached older files. Try clearing your browser cache, closing your browser windows, reopening your browser and logging into VRI Direct.

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