Troubleshooting Audio

Other call participants can't hear me, or my microphone seems to be muted.

The microphone is muted in the VRI call.
While in a call, look at the Microphone control on the Call Control Bar. If the control has a slash through it, your microphone is muted; click the icon to unmute your microphone.

The wrong microphone is selected.
While in a call, hover over the Call Control Bar and click Options, then click Settings and review the available microphones in the Microphone drop-down. Verify that the proper microphone is selected.

The other party's microphone recording level is too high, causing Acoustic Echo Reduction to cancel out your voice.
See I cannot hear the other call participants..., below, for instructions.

The microphone is muted by your computer or your computer's mic sensitivity level is too low.

I cannot hear the other call participants, or the sound cuts in and out, or no sound seems to be coming from my speakers.

The other party's microphone is picking up too much noise.
If the other party is in a room with significant ambient noise (white noise), or if air is blowing across the other party's microphone, you may have a hard time hearing the other party. You may instead hear a whooshing noise or you may only hear every few words of the conversation.

Have the other party move the microphone away from the noise source or air source, or have them reduce the noise or air.
Ensure speakers are plugged in and volume is at an audible level.
If you have external speakers, check the volume knob on the speakers themselves. Check your computer's volume control.

The speakers are muted in VRI or the volume is too low.
While in a call, use the Speaker control on the Call Control Bar to adjust your volume. If the Speaker icon has an X on the icon, your audio is muted; click the icon to unmute your audio. Hover your mouse over the control to display and adjust the volume slider.

The other call participants have their microphone muted.
If you see a black microphone icon with a slash through it at the top right of your video window, one or more of the other participants has their mic muted. You can use the chat panel to let them know to unmute their microphone.

The speakers are muted by your computer or your computer is using the wrong audio output device.

The audio from the other party keeps getting softer and softer until I can't hear them anymore.

Too much background noise in the room.
This problem can be caused by background noise that is too loud. If the VRI call occurs in a room where there is continuous background noise that gets picked up by the mic, the echo cancellation feature that prevents your voice from echoing back to you will automatically lower the mic level to try to eliminate the noise. If the noise is loud enough, the mic level may get lowered enough that it's hard to hear the user.

Eliminate the source of the background noise or move the VRI computer to another location. Sometimes, simply moving the computer to another part of the room solves the problem. Make sure that the microphone is not near any air vents and that no air is blowing across the mic.

My audio and video are out of sync.

Your Internet connection may be too slow or the other party's Internet connection may be too slow.
Verify that your Internet speeds meet our minimum requirements by visiting to test your Internet connection

The other party complains that my voice is scratchy, garbled or that I sound like I'm under water.

Visit our Microphone and Speaker Tests article to test your speakers and microphone and review possible solutions. If your tests succeed on that page but you continue to receive complaints from the other parties about your audio quality, please contact us.


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