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  1. Guide to Desktop Notifications for Incoming Calls If you are an agent, you can configure your account to display a pop-up notification message on your desktop whenever you receive an incoming call. This feature is supported on the following platforms: Windows: Chrome, Internet Explorer with Goo... Read More
  2. VRI Direct Desktop Installer Program for Windows Attention: Google Chrome 52 or newer is required prior to installing our app. Please install Chrome from here: What is the VRI Direct Desktop Application for Windows?The VRI Direct Desktop Application for Windows is ... Read More
  3. Troubleshooting Audio Issues Occasionally, when a call connects the microphone and speakers may not be configured properly, particularly when first using the system. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem: Initiate a call with an agent (agents should request a ma... Read More
  4. iPhone and iPad Installation and Use InstallationTo use an iPhone or iPad, users must first install the VRI Direct Mobile for iOS application from the Apple Store. Search for "VRI Direct" to find the app. Use After the app is installed, find the app on the desktop and tap the app... Read More
  5. Platform Release Announcements VRI Direct Platform Release 3.1.1 Thursday, April 7, 2017—We're pleased to announce VRI Direct 3.1.1. This is a hotfix release that fixes issues with calls not having a start time in the billing data. We also automatically check that yo... Read More
  6. iOS App Release Announcements VRO Direct Mobile 1.8 for iOS Released Tuesday, May 9, 2017—We released version 1.8 of our iOS app. This version contains the following changes: Fixed a network connection issue that prevented some calls from connecting after the call ... Read More