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  1. My status shows "Connecting...." or "Reconnecting..." If you log in and your status gets stuck at "Connecting..." or "Reconnecting...", or you see your Status Indicator flip back and forth between your current status and "Reconnecting...", it could be due to one or more of the following: WebSocket... Read More
  2. Tips for improving video quality Video quality is influenced by many different factors, including your network speed, the amount of lag (called latency) in your network, ambient lighting, and your webcam's settings, to name a few. To get the most out of your video quality, ... Read More
  3. VRI Direct Mobile App for iOS VRI Direct Mobile 1.7 for iOS is a simple, real-time audio/video communications app that allows individuals and organizations with VRI Direct accounts to request audio and video language interpreting services from their iPads and iPhones. VRI Direct ... Read More
  4. Troubleshooting Audio Issues Occasionally, when a call connects the microphone and speakers may not be configured properly, particularly when first using the system. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem: Initiate a call with an agent (agents should request a ma... Read More
  5. Platform Release Announcements VRI Direct Platform Release 3.1.1 Thursday, April 7, 2017—We're pleased to announce VRI Direct 3.1.1. This is a hotfix release that fixes issues with calls not having a start time in the billing data. We also automatically check that yo... Read More