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  1. Tips for improving video quality Video quality is influenced by many different factors, including your network speed, the amount of lag (called latency) in your network, ambient lighting, and your webcam's settings, to name a few. To get the most out of your video quality, ... Read More
  2. VRI DIRECT OPERATIONS NOTICE: Required iOS app upgrade and network config in mid- to late-March 2017 (Edited 4/6/2017 4:39 PM ET to remove deprecated network requirements) URGENT: The VRI Direct website is back online as of 4/5/2017 11:30 AM Eastern. Details below. VRI Direct service is restored. Please place a test call from either Googl... Read More
  3. Platform Release Announcements VRI Direct Platform Release 3.1.1 Thursday, April 7, 2017—We're pleased to announce VRI Direct 3.1.1. This is a hotfix release that fixes issues with calls not having a start time in the billing data. We also automatically check that yo... Read More
  4. Troubleshooting Audio Other call participants can't hear me, or my microphone seems to be muted. The microphone is muted in the VRI call. While in a call, look at the Microphone control on the Call Control Bar. If the control has a slash through it, your microphone ... Read More
  5. Optimum Browser Cookie Configuration VRI Direct and Adobe Flash Player take advantage of your browser's cookie functionality to help remember your custom settings. When browsers are configured to delete cookies, some of your custom settings may not persist after you close your brow... Read More
  6. Select your microphone and speakers from your browser Google Chrome 52 and higher: If you are in a VRI call, please exit the call. Press CTRL-T (or CMD-T on a Mac) to open a new browser tab. At the top right of the browser, click the "Customize and Control Chrome" Options button (looks like thr... Read More
  7. Guide to Desktop Notifications for Incoming Calls If you are an agent, you can configure your account to display a pop-up notification message on your desktop whenever you receive an incoming call. This feature is supported on the following platforms: Windows: Chrome, Internet Explorer with Goo... Read More
  8. VRI Direct Desktop Installer Program for Windows Attention: Google Chrome 52 or newer is required prior to installing our app. Please install Chrome from here: What is the VRI Direct Desktop Application for Windows?The VRI Direct Desktop Application for Windows is ... Read More
  9. Allow Camera and Mic on Chrome for Android Tablets If you are on an Android tablet and the other party cannot see and hear you, but you can see and hear the other party, Google Chrome for Android may be blocking access to your tablet's camera and mic. To check this and correct it:  On the... Read More
  10. Create a VRI Direct desktop shortcut for Google Chrome After installing Google Chrome (, you can configure Chrome to start up on the VRI Direct login page, running in a sandboxed kiosk mode. In this mode, Chrome will not interfere with any of your standard or customized Chro... Read More
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